At the top of the month, platinum-selling collective Rudimental re-emeged with a new single in "Sun Comes Up", which was an early taster of the group's long-awaited third LP. Fusing together a mixture of sounds, uplifting and defiant in equal measure, the song—which features pop singer James Arthurshowcased exciting growth.

Today, Rudimental have taken it a step further with a surprise remix: producer Steel Banglez and rapper Mist transform the song into a club-ready rap number, perfect for summer days. Steel Banglez inserts synthesized drums and a dreamy melodycomplete with his signature vocal-sample wails—and "Sun Comes Up" now holds a bouncy and rhythmic edge. "I love what Banglez did with beat and also the whole vibe of the record," Mist tells Complex. "James smashed it with the vocals and the tune gives off a sick energy, too."

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